Turkey's Shift Towards Russia & the Grand Chessboard

As with so many CIA-backed leaders, tyrants and despots, once your usefulness to Washington and Langley expires or your policies go off script, a coup or regime change magically emerges. With Turkey's Erdogan, we have seen these familiar patterns as NATO and its globalist backers are more and more revealed to be aggressors against Eurasian interests. Indeed, it was Brzezinski himself who wrote in his Grand Chessboard that control of Eurasia is key to control of the globe:

28.07.16 National Weather Service accused of spying on its unionized employees
28.07.16 ANOTHER '90s scandal returns to haunt the Clintons - billionaire accused of being front for Chinese Communist bid to influence Bill's 1996 election finally faces being questioned after years on the run
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28.07.16 HAZMAT situation at Fairchild Air Force Base sends 14 to hospital
28.07.16 Louisiana priest arrested for 500 counts of child pornography
28.07.16 ‘She declared war on own people’: Merkel vows to stick to open door policy, faces online uproar
28.07.16 ‘No qualms’: Corsica militants warn ISIS they will strike back for terrorist attacks
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