20.11.17 EU negotiator Barnier says UK must offer Ireland border solutions for Brexit
20.11.17 US military again bans alcohol, restricts personnel to base after fatal Okinawa drink-drive crash
20.11.17 Why has a Cold War-era Soviet submarine surfaced in England’s River Medway? (VIDEO)
20.11.17 Brazilian off-duty cop vanquishes armed robbers while holding infant son (VIDEO)
20.11.17 Diamonds in the sky: Star-spangled space sculpture set for 2018 launch
20.11.17 Erdogan’s chief adviser calls for Turkey’s NATO membership to be reconsidered – local media
20.11.17 ‘Boxing to business’: Mike Tyson looking forward to Moscow forum visit
20.11.17 MuckRock interviews Tom Secker - Spy Culture
20.11.17 Foreign Ministry warns of heightened terrorism threat in Europe & US during holiday season
20.11.17 Dramatic dashcam VIDEO captures plane crashing on Florida highway
20.11.17 Former Wimbledon champion Jana Novotna dies, 49, after long battle with cancer
20.11.17 Sexual misconduct in German Army on rise, defense minister says revelations ‘a positive sign’
20.11.17 Can Argentina replicate the US shale boom?
20.11.17 N. Korea may have ICBM capable of reaching US this year – Seoul
20.11.17 Sudan President Bashir to visit Russia on November 23 – Kremlin aide
20.11.17 Hardcore porn at school? Calls for sex education to get more graphic
20.11.17 Theresa May expected to cave to EU and offer DOUBLE Brexit ‘bill’ pay-off to Brussels
20.11.17 China criticizes Indian president for visiting disputed border region
20.11.17 Street blockade lifted after security scare at US Consulate in Zurich
20.11.17 Pakistani court gives govt 3 days to clear Islamist rally
20.11.17 Saudi Arabia wants Russia's latest generation jetliners
20.11.17 Bitcoin keeps breaking records & ignoring the haters
20.11.17 ECB wants to end deposit protection & offer savers 'appropriate amount' of their own money
20.11.17 Senator proposes to ban ‘thug-life’ propaganda on mass media and internet
20.11.17 Euro crashes with Angela Merkel’s fourth term as chancellor in doubt