Chemical Weapons Hypocrisy

This week on The Geopolitical Report, we cover United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley’s demand nations responsible for the use of chemical weapons be held to account following an alleged chemical attack outside of Damascus, Syria. Secretary of State James Mattis reminded the al-Assad government of President Trump’s illegal attack last April on a Syrian airbase in response to an unverified chemical attack. Pressed on the issue, Mattis admitted he hasn’t seen direct evidence. He cited reports by unnamed NGOs, a reference to the White Helmets. The latest effort by the US to pin consecutive disputed chemical attacks on Syria is reminiscent of the WMD pretext used before Bush invaded Iraq. We then demonstrate the hypocrisy of the United States on the illegal use of chemical weapons—from Iraq to Vietnam—as well as the use of white phosphorus in Gaza by Israel in violation of international law. The use of chemical and other nonconventional weapons by the United States, many banned by international law and treaty, were not part of the equation as Haley and Mattis climbed up on their high horses and condemned Syria for chlorine attacks that are not backed up by evidence. The point isn’t to condemn the use of such weapons, but rather to use them as a pretext for a future attack and possible invasion of Syria and the forced removal of its elected leader.

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