DRC: Kabila names potential successor [The Morning Call]

If there had been concerns, fears or in fact uncertainty as to whether Joseph Kabila, the president of the Democratic republic of Congo DRC who has ruled the vast central african nation for 17 years, will defy term limits to seek re-election, well, all of those fears or concerns are now over.

Joseph Kabila has announced he will not stand for re-election in December. His government spokesman, Lambert Mende in a statement on wednesday said Kabila’s ruling coalition nominated former interior minister Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary as its presidential candidate.

Now, of course Emmanuel Ramazani is not going to be the only candidate contesting this election. We know of opposition candidates such as Pierre Bemba, Felix Tshisekedi and perhaps Moise Katumbi if he can one way or the other get some clearance.

But one thing certain is the herculean task ahead for whoever takes over the reins of power from Joseph Kabila. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the humanitarian crisis in the DRC is at “breaking point” amid an escalation of inter-ethnic conflict and widespread insecurity. Also, the World Food Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organisation have both described as worrying the “alarming food insecurity” in the country.

Africanews Micheal Dibie and Serge Mankou in a report played on ‘The Morning Call’ programme with Jerry Bambi and Hannane Ferdjani present what they call “the scars from Kabila’s 17 years”.
And just after that we were joined by Africanews DRC correspondent Patrice Citera, who shared with us the latest as regards Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary’s emergence on the political scene as Kabila’s likely successor.