Erik Prince, the Afghan War, a Private CIA and China’s Silk Road

In this exclusive episode of Newsbud’s A Different View with F William Engdahl, Engdahl looks at an emerging security fiasco for China’s ambitious multi-trillion dollar Eurasian Belt Road Initiative, sometimes called the New Economic Silk Road, as it in part retraces the ancient Asian silk road routes to Europe. Engdahl examines a Hong Kong corporate security company, Frontier Services Group, a joint venture with one of China’s biggest state enterprises. FSG is responsible for security training along the routes of China’s BRI. At the same time the founder of FSG-- the notorious founder of Blackwater Security, Erik Prince-- is working with China on security for the Silk Road project, Prince is in discussion with the Trump White House to create a “private CIA” that would report only to the President and CIA Director. Further, the same Prince is lobbying for privatizing the US war in Afghanistan, using a de facto private air force Prince would provide. He would pay for his air force by looting the $1 trillion worth of rare earth and other minerals in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, home to the world’s largest opium crops. How all this bizarre combination fits, we discuss next. To see the full episode become a member of the Newsbud Community today.

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