Got $100 Grand to Burn? Then You Too Can Become a Ukrainian Citizen!

Foreign nationals can get on a fast track to receiving Ukrainian citizenship by investing the equivalent of $100,000 US into the country's economy, according to a recent directive by the Ukrainian cabinet of ministers.

In an official directive dated March 1 establishing immigration quotas for foreign nationals and stateless persons for 2017, 2,223 people married to Ukrainian citizens, and another 1,187 persons who are next of kin, will be granted permanent resident status in Ukraine. Another 558 persons will have the opportunity to restore their citizenship. In total this amounts to a total quota of 3,963 persons, down from a 2016 quota of 4,586.

However, the document emphasizes that highly skilled professionals and workers for whom there is an "urgent need", plus scientists and cultural workers, as well as those who have invested the equivalent of $100,000 into the Ukrainian economy, are not subject to the quotas.