Lawsuit filed against maker of 'drinkable sunscreen' over 'pseudoscience' claims

‘The Iowa State Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against a Colorado-based manufacturer making so-called “drinkable sunscreen.” The AG claims the company is engaged in consumer fraud and alleges that the product is dangerous to consumers. The litigation requests an injunction be placed, barring the maker, Osmosis Skincare, from selling the product in the state. The water, which comes in 3.38-ounce bottles that retail for $30, claims to provide about three hours of sun protective coverage, according to the maker.
Harmonized Water by Osmosis Skincare has been on the market since 2014. The beverage has been advertised as the “world’s first drinkable sunscreen,” protecting users from harmful ultraviolet light. The water claims to contain a “form of radio frequencies called scalar waves,” that when ingested “vibrate above the skin to neutralize UVA and UVB, creating protection comparable to an SPF 30.”’
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