The questionable trophy hunting [Travel]

Africa as a continent is known for many things, and one of the factors that endear the continent to the rest of the world is the presence of wildlife that is allowed to flourish.
In fact, for many tourists, one of the reasons they visit Africa is to interact with the wildlife allowed to roam free in the grassy plains of many countries in the continent.
Widely regarded as the place where human life originated, Africa is home to many of the world’s best-loved and most fascinating animals, as well as to some of its most endangered. Yet it’s also home to many familiar species.

Before wildlife were thought of as a driver for the tourism industry, they were first considered as food, or sometimes game for the wealthier folk who needed a past time. In the last few decades though, there has been a shift in consciousness and a better appreciation for wildlife.

It is true that Trophy hunting is legal in South Africa, as well as in Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia
But all around the world today, wildlife are getting more and more sacred. But, there is still the scourge of poaching which is a big problem for wildlife tourism.