Under the Sun episode 9: Sub Rosa

The Under the Sun series continues on Trans Resister Radio. This episode delves into a secret society cloaked in mystique, the Rosicrucians. Is there such an organization, and if so then what are they doing? Alchemy and the power of subjective experience are considered in depth by secret societies. Using such knowledge public narratives are crafted which enchant the entire world.

Topics discussed in this episode include: symbols, language, rose, elements, mystique, secret societies, Rosicrucians, Rosy Cross, hidden in plain sight, adepts, mind games, perception, subjectivity, objectivity, exposes, Confessio Fraternitatis, anonymity, initiates, Francis Bacon, William Shakespeare, public narrative, literature, metaphor, Freemasonry, operative Masonry, speculative Masonry, Manly P Hall, Free and Accepted Masons, Masonic Orders of Fraternity, plan, the Method, Invisible Empire, history falsified, Society of Astrologers, Royal Society, Enlightenment Europe, cabale of state, politicians, charlatans, Saint Germain, Andy Kaufman, Great Work, world revolution, theocracy, the Fall, Lucifer, Adam, the Fall of Man, philosophic empire


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