World's first intelligent sneaker [Sci tech]

The world’s first intelligent sneaker by French company digitsole will be available in September this year, a company source has said.

By integrating cutting-edge technology with footwear, this world first smart shoe is smarter, healthier and convenient.

It is the first shoe that comes with double micro-USB cable for charging, LED Light and dust resistant, smart heated insole and there is more.

Through the digitsole app, patrons will have personalized recommendations on how to reach their personal goals and get the most out of their walk.

Also, we take you to the Santiago, Chile where therapy dogs are being called to the dentist’s chair to soothe fears.

We meet Zucca, a black therapy labrador. Her owner, Raul Varela, started a non-profit organization called “Next to You” five years ago, specifically for autistic children, susceptible to shock from the bright lights and noisy equipment at dental offices.

And, NASA has decided that gardening in space will be crucial for the next generation of explorers, who need to feed themselves on missions to the Moon or Mars that may last months or years.

The US space agency is turning to professional botanists and novice gardeners like high school students to help them practice.

Ignatius Annor has the details on Sci tech.