21.07.17 Afghanistan: A Morally Corrupting War
21.07.17 Video: Syrian Government Forces Regain More Oil Wells in Raqqah Countryside
21.07.17 Political Insanity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Crisis in Qatar, The Plight of the Camels
21.07.17 The Reign of Propaganda. Unfettered Lies Turned into Self-evident Truths
21.07.17 Trump admin used public Obamacare funds to undermine health law ‒ report
21.07.17 Trump’s nominee for USDA chief scientist ‘illegal’, advocacy group charges
21.07.17 Alaskan couple charged over sea death hoax which triggered $300k rescue operation
21.07.17 ‘Treating them like animals’: Florida inmates denied toilet paper, toothbrushes
21.07.17 European Bank Failures: A Bellwether for Another Imminent 2008 Financial Crisis?
21.07.17 Chipotle stock tumbles after norovirus & rodent incidents
21.07.17 Investigators, Democrats & Trump staff turn to Facebook for Russia probe answers
21.07.17 ExxonMobil challenges 'fundamentally unfair' $2mn fine deals with Russia’s Rosneft
21.07.17 Hackers nab $32mn in ethereum cryptocurrency
21.07.17 California scientists spot long-predicted particle that annihilates with itself
20.07.17 Will the Federal Government Make It Illegal to Protest Israel?
21.07.17 2 fatalities, flooding from tsunami after powerful quake in Mediterranean Sea (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
21.07.17 SpaceX abandons propulsive landing plans for Red Dragon mission to Mars
20.07.17 Japan Plans to Expose Its People and 2020 Tokyo Olympians to Fukushima Radiation
20.07.17 New crack found in Antarctica ice shelf after 1 trillion ton iceberg breaks free
21.07.17 Raining rodents: Chipotle diners hit with nasty surprise in Dallas
21.07.17 Long queues at Uruguayan pharmacies as recreational cannabis finally legal to sell (VIDEO)
21.07.17 ‘Generation of Al Capones’: Prison reform attracts strange bedfellows
21.07.17 ‘Dogs eating bodies’: Witnesses recall the horrors of US-led liberation of Raqqa
20.07.17 US ‘global strike’ concept a direct threat, nuclear arms are good deterrent – Russian naval doctrine
20.07.17 Hungary sides with Poland in EU row, tells Brussels ‘not to overstep authority’