16.08.18 Crowdfunding campaign seeks release of CIA’s mind control program files
16.08.18 Chinese firm touting 'innovative' software to beat US rivals is found using parts of Google's code
16.08.18 AT&T Sued After SIM Hijacker Steals $24 Million in Customer's Cryptocurrency
16.08.18 Fracking Wastewater Spikes 1,440% in Half Decade
16.08.18 Trump Strikes Back at ‘Ringleader’ Brennan
16.08.18 Weed-Killing Carcinogen Glyphosate Found In Children's Foods
16.08.18 EU Fears British Spies "Bugged" Secret Brexit Talks
16.08.18 Pepe Escobar: Economic War On Iran Is War On Eurasian Integration
16.08.18 Zimbabwe court to hear Chamisa's election challenge on August 22
16.08.18 Somalia president in Djibouti for talks amid diplomatic tension
16.08.18 Egyptian teenager transforms tin into toys [No Comment]
16.08.18 History-making 'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin dies aged 76
16.08.18 Zambia's Finance Minister serving as president: Here is why
16.08.18 Zimbabwe opposition’s challenge to Mnangagwa’s election will be heard on August 22
16.08.18 Duterte ‘could resign’ if Marcos Jr becomes Philippines’ VP – spokesman
16.08.18 X-rated TV channel shown in stadium bar sparks probe by English football team
16.08.18 US refugee arrested over alleged ISIS killing in Iraq, vetting system slammed as ‘failure’
16.08.18 31 charged with child sex abuse offences including rape & trafficking in West Yorkshire
16.08.18 ‘Full of itself’: Facebook using Russia as excuse to censor information online, says Steve Malzberg
16.08.18 Banksy lashes out at ‘unauthorized’ Moscow exhibition of his work
16.08.18 Russian space boss insists continued cooperation with US depends on parity
16.08.18 ‘Social Distortion’ punk band frontman attacks Trump supporter during live show (VIDEO)
16.08.18 Doctor who worked for the Queen killed in London traffic accident
16.08.18 ‘RIP Davis Cup’: Tennis world reacts to tournament’s reform
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