10.12.15 "Riverdance effect" reaches Siberia
10.12.15 Groups linked to ISIS attending Riyadh talks on Syria's future – Iran
10.12.15 ISIS 'finance chief' Abu Saleh killed in coalition airstrike – US
10.12.15 Interview 1118 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato
10.12.15 Moisture farm on Mars could lead to water supply for future astronauts
10.12.15 BBC defends ISIS-style beheading in 'terrorist toast' cartoon (VIDEO)
10.12.15 Bed fellows? Donald Trump tweets endorsement of Katie Hopkins
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10.12.15 Beauty queen butcher: Ex-Miss Kansas charged with killing too many grizzly bears
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10.12.15 US keeps wraps on new commando force for Iraq
10.12.15 Homeland Security Dept. Takes 7 of 9 Spots in Worst Place to Work in U.S. Government
10.12.15 EU Member of Parliament: NATO Seeks Ways to Shut RT Down
10.12.15 New Bill Would ALLOW British Intelligence to Hack Children’s Toys to Spy on People in Their Homes
10.12.15 ‘Turkey acts like ISIS ally, should not be EU member’– Czech president
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