20.01.16 Young fan’s makeshift Messi jersey sets social media on fire
20.01.16 EU spends ‘so much time’ on Poland despite its own problems – Poland’s PM to MEPs
20.01.16 Teen hackers strike again: White House official becomes latest high-ranking victim
20.01.16 Can’t give it away: Plunging oil prices pain producers
20.01.16 ‘Biased, low quality, full of omissions’: Russia launches fresh attack on Dutch MH17 report
20.01.16 RT’s correspondent braves traditional dive into holy water on Epiphany day (VIDEO)
20.01.16 NYC receiving $176 Million to protect against super storm flooding
19.01.16 Italy to crack down on slackers with new bill against ‘work time violations’
20.01.16 World’s oldest man dies: Key inventions during first decade of Yasutaro Koide’s life
20.01.16 Refugees in Norway go on hunger-strike over treatment, plans to deport them to Russia
20.01.16 Hands off my hovercraft: Moose hunter heads to Supreme Court over federal jurisdiction dispute
20.01.16 NASA wants public to create robotic arm for its ISS flying robot
19.01.16 ISIS confirms 'Jihadi John' is dead
19.01.16 Final Jeopardy question wipes out all contestants’ prize money (VIDEO)
19.01.16 Unassailable fortress: Iraqi town survives 1.5 years under ISIS siege
19.01.16 GOP lawmaker asks high school students if they're virgins, suggests one isn’t
19.01.16 Judge rejects Obama's executive privilege claim over Fast and Furious records
19.01.16 Univ. of Cincinnati will pay $4.85m to family of man killed by officer
19.01.16 Vandals drain 400,000 gallons of water in Florida putting residents at health risk
19.01.16 Losing a star: Disgraced Gen. Petraeus facing retroactive demotion for leaking state secrets
19.01.16 Obama’s gun control order runs into first legal challenge
19.01.16 Archbishop who resigned amid allegations of sex abuse cover-up resurfaces in Michigan
19.01.16 A fish with legs? New Zealand experts to identify unknown deep sea creature
19.01.16 Chinese fireworks factory rocked by explosions (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
19.01.16 ‘Things I’ve never seen in the wild’: 500+ kinds of arthropods running through ‘normal’ US homes