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21.06.16 Smiths Falls, Ont., funeral business dissolves the dead, pours them into town sewers
21.06.16 Guccifer 2.0: Dossier on Hillary Clinton from DNC
21.06.16 AUDIO: Anti-Brexit Campaign Ordered To Exploit MP’s Death Ahead Of Vote
21.06.16 Orlando police chief blames Mateen for any ‘friendly fire’ deaths at Pulse
21.06.16 British Man Tried to Grab Cop’s Gun at Trump Rally, Claimed He Wanted to Kill Trump
21.06.16 New Cleveland RNC Police & Military Docs: FEMA Base to Setup at NASA
21.06.16 Three arrested outside NYC after weapons cache, ballistic vests found in vehicle
21.06.16 How did Orlando victim Antonio Devon Brown die in Pulse Nightclub shooting, when he was killed in 2013 in West Virginia?
21.06.16 Machine BIAS: Software Used Across US To Predict Criminal Behavior Biased Against Blacks
21.06.16 ‘As fast as they want’: US commander says Russia outpaces NATO in deployment capabilities
21.06.16 Seeing Opportunity, Congress Tries To Rush Through Its Plan To Legalize FBI Abuses Citing 'Orlando!'
21.06.16 Senate Shoots Down Four New Gun Control Laws
21.06.16 TEPCO Admits Cover-Up Of Fukushima Meltdown
21.06.16 Israel’s Water Siege of Palestinians
21.06.16 African Union plans to introduce single passport to create EU-style 'continent without borders'
21.06.16 Why isn’t the assassination attempt on Donald Trump bigger news?
21.06.16 Florida woman charged for threatening to blow up mosque
21.06.16 Israel mulls building offshore transport hub to ease Gaza blockade
21.06.16 Thousands of Minnesota nurses enter 3rd day of strike, employer insists all is fine (VIDEO)
21.06.16 8-year-old on hyperactivity meds dies after receiving 1,000x prescribed dose
21.06.16 Civilians flee ISIS stronghold surrounded by US-backed forces (VIDEO)
21.06.16 ‘Unbelievable low for press freedom’: Ankara charges journalists, academic with ‘terror propaganda’
21.06.16 Gun manufacturer seeks dismissal of Sandy Hook families’ lawsuit
21.06.16 NY attorney general announces investigation into Syracuse shooting
21.06.16 No bots about it: Using scalping bots can result in year in jail