19.01.16 Russian capital flight reduced by two-thirds
19.01.16 Nuclear security commandos accused of bullying and initiation rituals
19.01.16 Scientists invent dissolvable brain implant the size of grain of rice
19.01.16 Apple, Microsoft allegedly use cobalt sourced from child labor in DR Congo – Amnesty
19.01.16 China’s economic growth slowest in quarter century
19.01.16 Hawaii baby with deformed head becomes first US case of mosquito-transmitted Zika virus
19.01.16 Danish nightspots bar migrants by introducing ‘language controls’
19.01.16 Tehran to recoup $32bn in unfrozen assets as sanctions lifted
19.01.16 Nigeria ex-pres used $2bn meant to fight Boko Haram for failed re-election bid – minister
19.01.16 'Huge' fire at historic Ritz Hotel in Paris
19.01.16 Twitter network down globally for 2.5 hours
19.01.16 Bulldozers pull down Calais Jungle as authorities relocate migrants to container camp
19.01.16 Die hard: Russian throws himself at bus in suicide attempt, goes back to work (VIDEO)
19.01.16 Has Edward Snowden asked lady fans not to send him nude photos?
19.01.16 No more hangovers: N. Korea dazzles (again) with miracle ginseng drink
19.01.16 RNC replaces NBC partnership with CNN for Super Tuesday GOP debate
19.01.16 Yemeni hospitals seen as targets, people ‘avoid them as much as possible’ – MSF
19.01.16 95yo former Auschwitz paramedic ‘involved in 3,681 murders’ set to go on trial
19.01.16 Ticks that carry Lyme disease now in 45% of US counties
19.01.16 Technological advances could kill 5 million jobs by 2020 – report
19.01.16 ‘Stop asylum nonsense!’ Anti-refugee rally in small Dutch town erupts in violence (VIDEOS)
19.01.16 ‘Flint is a crime scene,’ says Rev. Jess Jackson as EPA defends water crisis response
19.01.16 News station sues after NYPD tries to charge $36k for bodycam footage
19.01.16 'False impression of reality': Publisher pulls book about George Washington's 'happy' slaves
19.01.16 Toshiba unveils Fukushima spent nuclear fuel removal robot (VIDEO)