19.01.16 Cocaine blues: Drug triggers brain cell cannibalism
19.01.16 ‘I don’t care what you’re eating’: Christie promises 5th grader he’ll end First Lady’s lunch program
19.01.16 The Eagles’ legendary guitarist Glenn Frey dies at 67
19.01.16 Oregon standoff: Militia member loses foster kids, blames ‘pressure from the feds’
19.01.16 Defrosted tiny animals come back to life, breed after 30 years in freezer
19.01.16 ‘Vigilantism goes unchecked’: US envoy criticizes Israel’s ‘2 standards of law’ for Palestinians
19.01.16 ISIS may ‘turn guns’ against Israel, Jordan amid failures in Syria – IDF chief
19.01.16 People before profit? #bluemonday corporate ‘cures’ clog timeline
19.01.16 ’I played the game from the other side’: Trump trumps GOP establishment
19.01.16 California methane leak: Regulators delay 'capture and burn' vote
19.01.16 #FlintWaterCrisis hashtag reveals how evidence of lead contamination unfolded
19.01.16 Oregon Standoff: Beaver State brothers raise over 26K in 'Go Home' Bundy campaign
19.01.16 German police arrest first suspect in Cologne sex assaults
18.01.16 Pakistan lifts YouTube ban after Google launches local censor-friendly version
18.01.16 Navy SEALs Carry Out Domestic War Games, U.S. Citizens Normalized As ‘The Enemy’
18.01.16 Police killings of African-American men: White Christians say isolated incidents, blacks see pattern
18.01.16 Poverty causes depression, brain connectivity changes in children – study
18.01.16 Turkey's Erdogan files $32k lawsuit against opposition leader who called him a 'dictator'
18.01.16 Protesters across nation to demand higher wages, end to police brutality on MLK Day
18.01.16 Swine flu grips Russia: Hundreds hospitalized, first deaths recorded
18.01.16 Poland could soon be home to ‘more NATO ... than ever’, Stoltenberg says
18.01.16 Four New Yorkers sue over getting kicked off plane over Muslim ‘appearance’
18.01.16 Trust but verify: China puts ‘authentic living buddhas’ on online list to curb fraud
18.01.16 Patriots eye repeat, Newton drives Panthers forward
18.01.16 Run, Bernie, run! Sanders sprints for Capitol train