13.11.14 ​‘Jail rogue City traders’: Banks fined £2.6 billion for market rigging
13.11.14 ‘Growing number of people filled with rage at the US’
13.11.14 ​British-Iranian jailed for watching volleyball could face 6 yrs on spying charge
13.11.14 British ISIS fighters call for assassination of key UK figures
13.11.14 ​Germany’s ‘wise men’ trim economic forecast for 2014 and 2015
13.11.14 Central Elections Commission rejects idea of compulsory voting
13.11.14 ISIS commander 'Omar the Chechen' allegedly killed
13.11.14 Height of achievement: World’s tallest man meets world’s smallest
13.11.14 ISIS chief alleged audio calls for 'jihad volcano' after reports of his death
13.11.14 EU Parliament gives nod to Moldova trade agreement
13.11.14 ‘Stealth drone technology – ace in Tehran hands’
13.11.14 ​India-US food stockpiling agreement paves way for $1tn WTO deal
13.11.14 US House poised to approve Keystone XL tar sands pipeline
13.11.14 Disney and the beast: Police hunt for tiger on the loose near Paris theme park
13.11.14 Drinkers of the world unite! New alcohol lovers’ app labeled Facebook for boozehounds
13.11.14 London woman jailed for funding Syria jihad
13.11.14 Sweet FA: FIFA clears Qatar and Russia, hits out at England’s World Cup lobby
13.11.14 NHS must cut £10bn of ‘waste’ every year – UK Health Sec
13.11.14 ​Mandatory overseas aid law ‘bizarre’ – UK Foreign Secretary
13.11.14 'No way!': Pentagon trashes Iranian replica of US drone
13.11.14 Jobcentre staff to scare schoolchildren off 'a life on the dole’
13.11.14 Pointergate: The most racist political scandal of 2014?
13.11.14 Boots on the ground: Pentagon ‘certainly considering’ new role for US troops in ISIS fight
13.11.14 Hungry women destroy McDonald’s after being late for breakfast menu (VIDEO)
13.11.14 NYC ‘cannibal cop’ sentenced to time served, released from jail