10.01.16 Top ISIS commander reported killed in Iraqi airstrike
10.01.16 Sean Penn interview helped catch notorious Mexican drug lord ‘El Chapo’
10.01.16 20,000 protest forceful evictions, block roads at Nantes airport construction site (VIDEO)
10.01.16 2 dead as wild bushfires rage through Australia (PHOTOS)
10.01.16 Navy carrier strike group commander sacked for viewing porn on duty – report
09.01.16 Sean Penn Interviews El Chapo
09.01.16 Corporate Media Turns Starvation of Syrians Into War Propaganda
10.01.16 US flies B-52 over Korean peninsula in demonstration of ‘strength & capabilities’
10.01.16 Soothing the Beast: Saturday Night BFP-Jamiol Music, Episode #206
10.01.16 Calais Jungle to convert into smaller ‘permanent’ migrant camp
10.01.16 Great night in New York: Ovechkin scores twice to get closer to 500 goals mark
10.01.16 NATO report slams Afghan army as mission incapable
09.01.16 Texas Governor Calls For Constitutional Convention To "Wrest Power From A Federal Government Run Amok"
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10.01.16 ‘H-bomb of justice’: Pyongyang brings up Iraq & Libya doom as nuclear deterrence justification
09.01.16 Beijing to shut down 2,500 polluting firms to tackle smog crisis
10.01.16 Catalonia’s Mas steps down as president in deal to form new regional govt
10.01.16 3 in 4 Dutch voters oppose EU association agreement with Ukraine – poll
10.01.16 Former Olympic champion admits to steroid use
09.01.16 Oops: How The NSA Helped Foreign Governments Spy On The US
09.01.16 Top Cat: Feisty feline from UK supermarket becomes new internet celebrity
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09.01.16 Pregnant Chinese woman hides in airport for a week to deliver baby in Hong Kong