20.04.15 Lawmakers introduce bill to stop food stamp recipients from buying junk foods and luxury meat
20.04.15 Meet Jibo, a new robotic companion to constantly monitor your family and control your environment
20.04.15 ‘Slow and insufficient’: WHO admits failing to respond to Ebola crisis
20.04.15 No walls to save eurozone from ‘Greece amputation’ domino effect – Varoufakis
20.04.15 Russian archaeologists excavate ‘White Walls’ of ancient Egyptian capital Memphis
20.04.15 Captured files reveal new information about structure, history of ISIS
20.04.15 No walls to save eurozone from Grexit dominoe effect – Greek finance minister
20.04.15 6.8 quake off Taiwan coast prompts tsunami alert in southwestern Japan
20.04.15 Houthis vow resistance as Saudis claim 80% of priority targets in Yemen destroyed
20.04.15 2 militants killed in counter-terror op in Russia’s Dagestan
19.04.15 RFID tracking system to replace license plate?
19.04.15 Electronic waste worth £34bn piling up in ‘toxic mine’, warns UN report
19.04.15 ​Pakistani woman burned alive for leaving home without permission
19.04.15 ​Healthy caffeine: Study proves coffee can ward off breast cancer
19.04.15 ​No justice served for Afghan women – UN
19.04.15 Anti-NATO parties grab top spots in Finland general election
19.04.15 Man critically injured by Baltimore police has died in hospital
19.04.15 France provides first weapons to Lebanon paid for by Saudi Arabia
19.04.15 More Hillary Cronyism Revealed: Cisco Used Clinton Foundation To Cover-up Human Rights Abuse In China
19.04.15 Poland demands apology after FBI chief accuses it of Holocaust role
19.04.15 Student Debt Accounts For Nearly Half Of US Government "Assets"
19.04.15 Solar roadway panels - a solution for our economic, energy and environmental troubles?
19.04.15 US now importing shrimp raised on feces and harvested by inhumane slave labor
19.04.15 Judge in Stanley children kidnapping case forces sheriff to reveal documents
19.04.15 Monsanto CEO claims GMOs are the only way to feed the world - Ever heard of permaculture?