09.10.15 Ebola nurse admitted to hospital 'in serious condition'
09.10.15 Reports of Russian missiles falling in Iran lies, part of psychological war - Iranian general
09.10.15 China launches global yuan payment system
09.10.15 Hawking: Greedy capitalists may pocket wealth as robots replace human workers
09.10.15 ‘Dehydrated & scared’: Illegal migrants rescued from sweltering truck in Texas (VIDEO)
09.10.15 Saudi employer reportedly chops off Indian maid’s hand after she asked for pay
09.10.15 8 meter fall: What happens when a suspension bridge collapses under your feet (VIDEO)
09.10.15 Portugal detains ex-CIA operative wanted for 2003 kidnapping
09.10.15 Snowden or Merkel? Betting hot on 2015 Nobel Peace Prize contenders
09.10.15 ‘I’m not going to shoot you,’ Cleveland cop says after gunman shoots him in chest (VIDEO)
09.10.15 Turning point? EU Commission head says relations with Russia ‘must be improved,’ US ‘can’t dictate’
09.10.15 Almost 50% of blacks knew someone killed by gun - poll
09.10.15 Need stingray surveillance? Get a warrant! California gov signs landmark privacy law
09.10.15 Finding life on other planets just got easier with new scientific method
09.10.15 Israeli police ban Palestinian men under 50 from entering Al-Aqsa
09.10.15 Purdue deletes video of author’s academic talk on NSA after federal order
09.10.15 Mummified alive? Oklahoma pumped inmate with wrong drug during botched execution
09.10.15 Hide, it’s RT! Amateur journo behind Bellingcat so informed on Russian targets, he ducks interview
09.10.15 Ancient Mars hosted long-lived lakes & rivers, NASA’s Curiosity Rover team says
09.10.15 DC water treatment plant goes green thanks to brown (poop)
09.10.15 ‘Carry your firearm everywhere,’ Jerusalem’s gun-toting mayor tells Israelis
09.10.15 Multiple employees injured in Washington state dam explosion - reports
09.10.15 St. Louis plans for disaster in case landfill fire hits nuclear waste dump
09.10.15 Hospital kicks out 800-pound man for ordering pizza
09.10.15 Texas, Florida, Illinois to receive most inmates from massive federal prison release