Elections: Absenteeism, Boycotts and the Class Struggle


The most striking feature of recent elections is not ‘who won or who lost’, nor is it the personalities, parties and programs. The dominant characteristic of the elections is the widespread repudiation of the electoral system, political campaigns,

14.10.14 US sanctions against Russia is economic terrorism – Morales to RT
14.10.14 Syrian guerrilla group goes head-to-head against Islamic State
14.10.14 The Kim is Back: North Korean leader makes first public appearance in a month
14.10.14 War on religion: Orthodox Christian priests, churchgoers face threats in Ukraine
14.10.14 7.4 quake off El Salvador kills one
14.10.14 Hands-on initiative aims to enhance health curriculum, allows young students to report about health topics
14.10.14 Debt collectors track subprime loan borrowers, disable vehicles to punish poor for late payments
14.10.14 CDC makes no effort to isolate or help Dallas man who was exposed to Ebola patient
14.10.14 Deodorants and antiperspirants may actually increase offensive odor in addition to wreaking havoc on health
14.10.14 Legacy radium continues to contaminate U.S. cities, costing millions in clean-up and healthcare costs
14.10.14 Protesters clashed with police to try to save 'Ebola dog' from forced euthanasia
14.10.14 Fight food waste by reusing these commonly discarded food parts
14.10.14 FDA approves experimental use of antiviral drug for Ebola, but still won't allow testing with colloidal silver or Echinacea
14.10.14 World 'ill-prepared' for Ebola outbreak that's 'rising exponentially' warns WHO
14.10.14 Amaranth: a gluten-free grain rich in protein and minerals
14.10.14 Of U.S. children, 33% attend schools in high-risk chemical 'danger zones'
14.10.14 WHO finally admits sneezing and coughing can spread Ebola
14.10.14 NIH pushing to vaccinate entire countries with Ebola vaccine
14.10.14 Health Ranger to launch revolutionary EMP-proof technology delivering sustainability breakthroughs for food, water, nutrition and medicine
14.10.14 Ultra-fast new batteries can recharge 70 percent in two minutes
14.10.14 Hitler was regular crystal meth user, intelligence files show
14.10.14 Metal detectorist finds Britain's biggest ever haul of Viking treasure - with hundreds of artefacts including an ancient silver cross
14.10.14 Disgruntled employee steals locomotive to ‘play chicken’ with supervisor, crashes into another train
14.10.14 The United Nations has become an Instrument of NATO
14.10.14 From West Africa to Texas: Ebola Outbreak Impacts the World