29.06.15 ​French terror attack suspect denies Islamist motivation
29.06.15 Arson, hate crimes may be behind black church fires across US
30.06.15 ​S&P downgrades Greek credit rating, puts chance of Grexit at 50%
30.06.15 Bitcoin accused of wasting shocking amount of electricity
30.06.15 Mega-merger: Monsanto still seeks takeover of Syngenta, world's largest crop chemical company
30.06.15 City drone vs. country shotgun: Court case breaks out over downed hexacopter
30.06.15 ​Israel considers leaving UN Human Rights Council after Gaza probe – report
29.06.15 ​US Navy pays $9 million per year to cling to Windows XP
29.06.15 'Grexit would trigger liquidity crisis worse than 2008'
29.06.15 ​‘Mysterious’ fireball lights up Atlanta sky
29.06.15 ​The purpose of life? Google’s AI chatbot knows, and it isn’t 42
29.06.15 Iceland hands corrupt bankers prison sentences of up to four years and six months
29.06.15 IMF has made €2.5 billion profit out of Greece loans
29.06.15 A New Mode of Warfare – The Greek Debt Crisis and Crashing Markets
29.06.15 ​Israeli military escorts Gaza-bound aid flotilla flagship to port of Ashdod
29.06.15 China to build giant dairy farm to supply Russia
29.06.15 ​Russia becomes AIIB’s third largest shareholder after China and India
29.06.15 ​ISIS gains ground in Afghanistan, challenges Taliban dominance – report
29.06.15 NSA intercepted French corporate contracts worth $200 million over decade – WikiLeaks
29.06.15 Uber managers arrested in France for ‘illicit activity’ amid crackdown
29.06.15 Obama signs bill giving himself fast-track powers for trade deals
29.06.15 Obama signs bill giving himself fast-track powers for trade deals
29.06.15 #CancelGreekDebt: UK campaigners condemn ECB’s ‘act of financial war’ against Athens
29.06.15 Hungarian police fire tear gas to 'pacify' overcrowded migrant camp
29.06.15 ​‘Sad but happy’: New Zealand couple married for 67 years die on same day of natural causes