19.08.15 Russian court sentences Estonian security agent to 15 years for spying
19.08.15 Coalition ISIS 'successes' show no signs of halting terrorist group
19.08.15 Tony Blair mediates secret Israel-Hamas talks, negotiating end to Gaza siege
19.08.15 Dairy farmers block Liege airport in Belgium (VIDEO)
19.08.15 ISIS funding rooted in West, says UK analyst
19.08.15 Drug use is a ‘human right’ – MPs
19.08.15 Foreign forces still threaten Crimea, seek to destabilize it - Putin
19.08.15 Americans are not enemies of Russia – Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova
22.01.17 Phoney Opposition: The Truth About the BRICS
19.08.15 Cicero: Military commands, phantom of glory and the ruin of one’s own country and personal downfall
19.08.15 Half Of Young Adults In Great Britain Don't Identify As Straight
19.08.15 2mn People in California, Midwest Drink Uranium-contaminated Water – Study
19.08.15 California To Confiscate 300 Farms By Eminent Domain, For Unapproved Water Project
19.08.15 Navajo Nation bears burden of recent Animas mining spill disaster in Colorado
19.08.15 Israel "Drills" Ground Incursion In Syria; Pretext Fighting Terror Israel Helped Create
19.08.15 2 gunmen arrested after shootout outside Istanbul’s Dolmabahce Palace
19.08.15 English schoolkids among world’s unhappiest – study
19.08.15 France, Britain to sign Calais security pact
19.08.15 Russians fear poverty more than war recent poll shows
19.08.15 Forex scandal: White collar criminals must face jail not fines, say UK experts
19.08.15 Carlsberg profits down on weak sales in key Russian market
19.08.15 ISIS beheads 82yo chief of antiquities in ancient Palmyra – senior Syrian official
19.08.15 2 Georgia ex-cops face murder charges for tasing handcuffed man at least 13 times
19.08.15 Russia & Iran reach agreement on S-300 air defense systems delivery – deputy foreign minister
19.08.15 DDoS defense: Pentagon eyes new security tools to counter cyber-attacks within seconds