21.12.15 The Global Warming Pause Explained
21.12.15 EU extends anti-Russia sanctions for 6 more months
21.12.15 Moscow goes mild: Winter temperatures break 33yo warmth record
21.12.15 Trump as an English aristo? UK voice actor puts 'sophisticated' spin on GOP frontrunner
21.12.15 ISIS prevents civilians from leaving Ramadi ahead of imminent Iraqi offensive
21.12.15 Kremlin spokesman urges US politicians to stop using Russia as ‘ritual sacrifice’
21.12.15 Passenger detained over Air France fake bomb alarm is ‘ex-cop’ - reports
21.12.15 Messi and Suarez lead Barcelona to Club World Cup title
21.12.15 Valerius Flacchus: War, the scourge of all the earth. Slaughtering with swords the scions of heaven.
21.12.15 Cheap counterfeit goods could be funding terrorism, says Border Force
21.12.15 Special Forces will guard home nations at European football championship
21.12.15 Russian FM plans to meet co-leader of Turkey’s pro-Kurdish HDP party
21.12.15 Torygraph? Telegraph newspaper fined £30,000 for emailing readers urging to ‘vote Tory’
21.12.15 ‘Cameron needs to end pretense of EU reform,’ says ex-cabinet minister Fox
21.12.15 West fears recreation of Soviet Union, despite nobody planning one – Putin
21.12.15 Did You Know the CIA Planned a Muslim Invasion of Russia?
21.12.15  Central Banks Have Pushed the Middle Class Down into Neofeudal Serfdom
21.12.15  "America's Ship Is Sinking" Former Bush Official Exposes The Unfixable Corruption Inside The Establishment
21.12.15 CISA: “Just Another Example Of Corruption”
21.12.15 ‘If there’s ever a time to think outside the box, it’s now’: 3-hour game-changing Earth history interview with Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson
21.12.15 VIDEO: Clinton Spokeswoman Nervously Struggles to Defend Hill's Claim Trump Videos Help ISIS Recruit
21.12.15 More than 103,000 children 'homeless at Christmas' in England
21.12.15 Gay couples could soon have children with traits of BOTH fathers: 'Multiplex parenting' could allow up to 32 people to contribute to child's DNA
21.12.15 Congress Opens the Floodgates to Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate
21.12.15 Absurd Anti-Marijuana Video is Going Viral, Not Because it’s Working – Because it’s Hilarious