Trump May Appoint Fringe Neocon to Head Intelligence

It keeps getting worse. The neocons have burrowed termite-deep inside the Trump administration and rumor has it the president will add yet another one to an important cabinet position.

17.09.16 Ukrainian radicals attack Russian Embassy on eve of parliamentary election
17.09.16 Putin: Terrorists use Syria ceasefire to try & regroup
17.09.16 China’s atomic clock in space will stay accurate for a billion years
17.09.16 TNT traces found in EgyptAir MS804 debris – report
17.09.16 ‘Tremendous loss’: Arctic Sea ice shrinks to 2nd lowest level ever
17.09.16 Anastasia Yankova continues winning streak at Bellator 161
17.09.16 Maternal mortality rate in Texas highest in industrialized world – study
17.09.16 70% of Japanese under 34yo single, over 40% still virgins – national survey
17.09.16 'I thought he was dangerous': Man guilty of attempted murder of George Zimmerman in road rage case
17.09.16 1/3 of Saudi strikes hit Yemeni hospitals, schools & other civilian targets – study
17.09.16 Firestarter: Russian man ‘experiments’ with lighter at gas station, sets car ablaze (VIDEO)
17.09.16 Pay to play? Donald J. Trump Foundation has 'dubious' and 'surprising' practices — report
17.09.16 CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling not receiving lifesaving healthcare in prison (VIDEO)
17.09.16 ‘Therapeutic’ doping systems prone to abuse, author of WADA report on Russia admits
17.09.16 No third-party candidates invited to first presidential debate
17.09.16 ‘Bruges beer subway’: Belgian brewery opens 3km pipeline running through historic center (VIDEO)
17.09.16 Set upper limits on refugees or lose support at next election, Bavarian PM warns Merkel
17.09.16 Kissing & cuddling chickens bad for your health — CDC
17.09.16 US Air Force to ground over a dozen F-35 warplanes, citing poor manufacturing & ‘crumbling’ material
17.09.16 Man accidentally blows up garden as stunt backfires (VIDEO)
17.09.16 Paris authorities bulldoze 2 tent camps, relocate over 2,000 migrants (VIDEO)
17.09.16 Inflation nation: Healthcare, housing costs on the rise as anticipated Fed interest rate hike nears
17.09.16 FBI facing FOIA requests over hacking of San Bernardino terrorist iPhone
17.09.16 Report: Dutch experts ignored Russian MH17 experiments, wrong about key parameters of crash (VIDEO)
17.09.16 Best players gather in Toronto for the World Cup of Hockey 2016