19.12.15 SC lawmaker proposes bill making Viagra as difficult to get as abortion
19.12.15 Judge finds Texas’ foster care unconstitutionally ‘broken’
19.12.15 ISIS stole sarin gas from Libya stores & has already used it, Gaddafi’s cousin tells RT
19.12.15 US billionaires buy stake in Premier League club Crystal Palace
19.12.15 Procopius: A parable
19.12.15 Turkey’s forces kill 69 Kurdish fighters in 4 days of military ops – sources
19.12.15 US billionaires buy stake in Premier League club Crystal Palace
19.12.15 Zurich scraps 62 IKEA shelters for refugees as ‘easily combustible’
19.12.15 Pig in the city: Tenn. police use donuts to lure runaway animal
19.12.15 Russian long-range warplanes drop 1,500 bombs on ISIS targets in Syria
19.12.15 In Desperate Push to Retain Drone Pilots, the U.S. Air Force Will Offer $125,000 Re-Enlistment Bonus
19.12.15 Iraqi Soldiers Fighting ISIS Bombed by “Errant” U.S. Airstrike
19.12.15 Probable Government Backdoors Found on Juniper Firewalls
19.12.15 Sesame Credit: China’s Creepy New Social Engineering Experiment
19.12.15 Violent mayhem: Boozy Brits celebrate ‘Mad Friday’
19.12.15 Lightsaber wars: Force Awakens fans hope to smash record for mass battle (VIDEOS)
19.12.15 Over 100 may be missing as ship feared sunk off Indonesian island
19.12.15 Iran to ship 9k tons of enriched uranium to Russia in coming days
19.12.15 Go Guus! Abramovich returns to Hiddink to rescue Chelsea again
18.12.15 CISA Is Now The Law: How Congress Quietly Passed The Second Patriot Act
19.12.15 The New York Times Just Memory-Holed This Devastating Obama Admission
19.12.15 When All Else Fails, Erdogan Calls Israel
19.12.15 On Conspiracy Theories
19.12.15 Yet Again, The Media Got The Facts Wrong About The San Bernardino Attacks
19.12.15 PA Cop Snaps, Rages on Innocent Bystanders – Becomes YouTube Famous in 3….2….1