17.07.15 US firm to construct liquefied gas terminal in Ukraine – Yatsenyuk
17.07.15 4 people trapped in Cheshire building fire
17.07.15 'Drop Israel nuke program double standards, get IAEA to supervise' - Arab League
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17.07.15 Court issues arrest warrant on fugitive Russian MP
17.07.15 'Grexit’ better option for Athens’ debt relief- German finance minister
17.07.15 Apple, Samsung reportedly develop technology to simplify cellphone carrier switches
17.07.15 ‘We can’t manage all you coming’: Merkel makes Palestinian girl cry, then pets her
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17.07.15 Colorado theater shooter found guilty of murder, may face death penalty
16.07.15 War on Twitter: #BoycottGermany trending over #BoycottGreece
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