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12.08.15 The New Great Game Round-Up: August 12, 2015
12.08.15 Big brother bailout: Troika to play hardball with Greece – report
12.08.15 Head of UN CAR force resigns after murder, rape allegations against peacekeepers
12.08.15 Watch out, humans! Reproducing robots are evolving & improving with each generation
12.08.15 Sex crime allegations against WikiLeaks chief Assange to expire in days
12.08.15 Scotland Issues GM Crop Ban (#Winning!)
12.08.15 Too busy for bunnies: Scots abandon pet rabbits in their hundreds
12.08.15 ISIS releases ‘hit list of US military personnel’, claims hacking victory
12.08.15 ‘Foreign Agents’ discredited elections monitoring in Russia, top official claims
12.08.15 Black sea: IEA warns of biggest oil oversupply in 17yrs
12.08.15 NY prison inmates suffered beatings, retaliation after historic escape – report
12.08.15 ISIS jihadists return to Britain to unleash terror attacks – defector
12.08.15 ‘His face was totally burned’: Kursk submariner’s widow speaks with RT
12.08.15 Ruble down on cheap yuan
12.08.15 Culture Minister rules out tit-for-tat reaction after Kiev bans Russian authors
12.08.15 Labour leadership campaigns summoned to emergency meeting to quell fears over contest’s credibility
12.08.15 Russia mulls blocking Reddit over pot-growing thread
12.08.15 Taliban condemns ‘irresponsible, ignorant’ ISIS for graphic execution of Afghan prisoners
12.08.15 China devalues yuan 2 days running, ripple effect sends suppliers reeling
12.08.15 Could NASA be hiding ‘proof that ISS is being monitored by aliens’? (VIDEO)
12.08.15 Lifting Iran sanctions will drag oil prices down by $10 – World Bank
12.08.15 Black street vendors beat up Paris police who try to confiscate mini Eiffel towers (VIDEO)
12.08.15 UK announces doubling of military training for Ukrainian army – now for 2,000 soldiers
12.08.15 The day the Kursk sank: 15 years on, Russia remembers one of worst-ever submarine tragedies
12.08.15 Traffic light on road to nowhere found in middle of urban wasteland in Russia