20.11.14 Live Stream: President Obama Delivers Address to the Nation
20.11.14 Google’s Internet-Beaming Balloons Keep Crashing
20.11.14 Oregon public school sex-ed conference promotes sex toys, sexting, and using meth to 11 year olds
20.11.14 Albuquerque Cop Who Killed Homeless Man Retiring Early with Full Benefits to Avoid Investigation
21.11.14 Five Guantanamo detainees released, sent to Europe
21.11.14 ‘Named after Austrian village’: F**king Hell beer ad sparks controversy
21.11.14 Obama extends deportation reprieve to 5 million undocumented immigrants
20.11.14 Obama’s Plan for a Backdoor Internet Tax
20.11.14 2-Year-Old Hospitalized After Police Raid Wrong Home, Threw Smoke Grenade into His Bedroom
20.11.14 Head Of World’s Biggest Economic Bloc Facing Calls To Resign Over ‘Magical Fairyland’ Tax Deals
21.11.14 Russia warns US against supplying ‘lethal defensive aid’ to Ukraine
20.11.14 Heavy Police Force On Display in Ferguson As Community Awaits Grand Jury Announcement
20.11.14 Former bank CEO jailed in Iceland for market manipulation
21.11.14 NYC reserves 100 rooms for homeless, gets banned by hotel
20.11.14 Serbia won’t join anti-Russian sanctions club despite EU pressure - Nikolic
20.11.14 Another banker? Citigroup director, advocate of ethical practices, dies in suspected suicide
20.11.14 US brands Kim Dotcom ‘fugitive of justice’ for refusing to extradite himself
21.11.14 ​EU is in serious trouble and it’s not Russia’s fault
20.11.14 U.S. Air Force Returns Georgian Mountain Troops From NATO’s Asian War
20.11.14 Georgia: U.S. Marine Commander Oversees New NATO Integration Plan
20.11.14 Plumbing the Depths of NSA’s Spying
20.11.14 Paying Up: Payday Loans Prey On The Desperate
20.11.14 Podcast: Doomcast 67– 11.19.2014
20.11.14 China & others can cripple US power grid, NSA admits for the first time
20.11.14 All major TV networks snub Obama's immigration address