06.02.15 Teach for America applicant numbers down for second year in a row
06.02.15 Female genital mutilation in US tripled in 25 years
06.02.15 Turkish FM pulls out of Munich conference due to Israeli participation
06.02.15 ‘Death to ISIS’: Thousands march in Jordan calling to avenge pilot’s slaughter
06.02.15 Family kidnaps ‘too nice’ child at gunpoint to teach ‘stranger danger’
06.02.15 64% of reporters say Feds spying on their email, calls, online searches
06.02.15 ISIS claims US hostage killed in Jordanian airstrike
06.02.15 Canary Watch: Activists create website to track & reveal NSA, FBI info requests
06.02.15 UN raises concerns about children’s rights in Sweden, Switzerland
06.02.15 Sending weapons to Ukraine would escalate violence – UK Defence Secretary
06.02.15 'Bloodstain on Shell’s name’: Oil giant to use ship named after Nazi war criminal
06.02.15 ​Far-right march to ‘protect families’ from new mosque condemned by anti-fascists
06.02.15 Energy alliance priority of Eurasian Economic Union – Medvedev
06.02.15 Putin meets Merkel, Hollande behind closed doors in Moscow
06.02.15 ​Two cops charged in Philly with assault and conspiracy after beating man and lying about it
06.02.15 Warwick students pass no-confidence vote against college boss after violent police crackdown
06.02.15 Brief exchange on culpability for expanding war in Europe
06.02.15 Poroshenko: If Donbas conflict escalates, Ukraine to declare martial law
06.02.15 McCain to Sputnik: Ukraine's Use of Cluster Bombs Is US' Fault
06.02.15 Flu jab is a waste of time for 97% of patients: Vaccine developed only a year ago no longer 'matches' because the virus has mutated so much
06.02.15 NSA and CIA on Receiving End of Massive German Phone Spying Program
06.02.15 Ron Wyden to Eric Holder: before you go, how about all those requests for information?
06.02.15 RadioShack files for bankruptcy, sell up to 2,400 stores
06.02.15 Explosive Saudi 9/11 Evidence Still Ignored By Media
06.02.15 Global debts rise $57tn since crash