28.10.14 ‘US allies against ISIS are actually ISIS’ main allies’
28.10.14 Germany goes green, forces energy companies abroad
28.10.14 EU funding row sparks huge surge in UKIP support – poll
28.10.14 Police brutality can only be ended when officers face justice
28.10.14 Alibaba founder Jack Ma tops China’s rich list
28.10.14 Sick move: Australia shuts borders to 'Ebola-affected' African countries
28.10.14 Australian lawmaker proposes 1 yr in jail, $68,000 fine for forcing kids to wear burqas
28.10.14 ‘Militant groups operating in Lebanon are totally different from those in Syria and Iraq’
28.10.14 Suspected Boston Marathon bomber's friend found guilty of lying to federal investigators
28.10.14 Therapists in cabs? Yes, if you live in Stockholm
28.10.14 Japanese make precise 3D city maps to prepare for robot car boom
28.10.14 ‘Shameful’: Rights groups slam UK scrapping of Mediterranean migrant rescues
28.10.14 Second Ebola-infected US nurse beats virus, leaves hospital
28.10.14 ‘TEPCO covered up the truth about Fukushima disaster’
28.10.14 Putin’s rating falls below 50 percent in September - poll
28.10.14 ‘Moscow-Kiev dialogue won’t be easier after Ukrainian vote’
28.10.14 ​UK children ‘lack trust’ and ‘fear’ the police – report
28.10.14 God behind Big Bang and evolution - Pope
28.10.14 UK plunges in gender equality rankings, lack of women in business – report
28.10.14 BP oil spill left Rhode Island-sized oily ring on seafloor
28.10.14 Govt watchdog rejects Snowden evidence of Big Telco-GCHQ human rights breach
28.10.14 Forecast: UK to have world's biggest weather supercomputer
28.10.14 World on a string: Breakthrough fiberoptic cable 2,500X faster than fastest internet
28.10.14 Philly cop threatens to ‘beat the s**t’ out of teen for looking at him (VIDEO)
28.10.14 Nigel Farage says blacking-up “just a bit of fun”