21.11.14 FISA Judge Tells Yahoo if Americans don't know they're being spied on, there's no harm
21.11.14 How The U.S. And Israel Support Al-Qaeda in South Syria
21.11.14 Saudi Government Carries Out 70th Beheading This Year
21.11.14 12 Charts Show Connection Between Roundup and Disease
21.11.14 Biden Orders Ukrainian Vassals To Hasten Formation Of New Junta
21.11.14 Sheriffs: Obama Amnesty Is "Destruction of Our Democracy," "Gaping Hole" for Terrorists
21.11.14 Breaking News: Ferguson's Barnes Christian Hospital Preparing for Mass Casualties
21.11.14 UN Resolution on Iran Mockery of Justice
21.11.14 Bahrain Troops Attack Anti-government Protesters
21.11.14 ‘AIDS, Ebola, Obama – Thanks Africa’ roadside sign causes a stir in Nebraska
21.11.14 ​Man dies after being burned alive in industrial oven
21.11.14 FEMEN group kidnaps 'priest' to protest Pope’s visit to EU Parliament
21.11.14 CIA wants to delete thousands of emails as Obama administration stalls release of torture report
21.11.14 Polish town bans 'hermaphrodite' Winnie the Pooh because of ‘dubious sexuality'
21.11.14 Scientists work to create fat-burning 'exercise' product
21.11.14 Police teach anti-extremism classes in UK schools, fight radicalisation
21.11.14 ‘Get your own extremist husband and bring some thermals’ – Jihadist bride’s advice to UK ‘sisters’
21.11.14 Car-hacked: Cyber-criminals could target driverless vehicles, cause chaos – expert
21.11.14 ​London ‘Islamic schools’ don’t teach ‘British values’, risk student welfare – watchdog
21.11.14 ‘Privatised and exploited’: MPs debate bill to protect health service from TTIP
21.11.14 Jerusalem mayor: Revoke citizenship for terrorists’ families
21.11.14 ​Badass motion: Russia’s ‘BatTram’ explored (VIDEO)
21.11.14 ​Russia-China trading settlements in yuan increases 800%
21.11.14 Ex-Taliban British bomb expert joins ISIS
21.11.14 'Shame on you!’ Ukrainian president booed by protesters on Maidan (VIDEO, PHOTOS)