06.02.15 Navy’s new human-like robot could replace firefighters
06.02.15 British spies threaten to stop working with Germans if NSA probe taken further
06.02.15 Hollande, Merkel go to Moscow to discuss Ukraine without consulting US – report
05.02.15 Kiev agrees to create humanitarian corridor for Debaltsevo civilians – militia
05.02.15 No more vaccination waivers - California lawmakers
05.02.15 ‘Marry at 9, stay home’: Women jihadists issue guide to life under ISIS
05.02.15 Twitter head says platform 'sucks' at dealing with abuse problem
05.02.15 British Spies By Proxy Tell German MPs to Back Off NSA Investigation
05.02.15 USDA Inspectors Admit To Poop, Hair, Toenails In Factory Pork
05.02.15 Virginia lawmaker jailed after sex crime allegations votes against ban on porn in prisons
05.02.15 Pregnant activist crashes glitzy arms industry dinner, urges guests ‘consider career change’
05.02.15 Shooter reported at University of South Carolina campus
05.02.15 ​Greek, German finance ministers ‘didn’t even agree to disagree’
05.02.15 Israeli police using foam tipped bullets ‘without proper training’
05.02.15 You shall not pass! 1-meter-high ‘anti-burglar’ wall raises eyebrows in French town
05.02.15 Ukrainian parliament passes law allowing army deserters to be shot
05.02.15 ​US national security depends on closing Gitmo - White House
05.02.15 Charges still uncertain for amateur White House drone operator
05.02.15 30,000 troops, 6 rapid units: NATO increases military power in Eastern Europe
05.02.15 Rita Katz is at it again — Fake ISIS video exposed
05.02.15 VIDEO: The UK arms industry’s Annual Dinner Disrupted By Excellent Speech
05.02.15 VIDEO: Gallup CEO Fears He Might “Suddenly Disappear” for Questioning U.S. Jobs Data
05.02.15 Pegida plan to march in Britain against ‘Islamization of the West’ condemned by activists
05.02.15 ​Crackdown on police surveillance of journalists pledged following outcry
05.02.15 Monsanto’s Roundup system threatens extinction of monarch butterflies - report