13.04.15 ​White House proposes offshore oil regulations ahead of Gulf disaster anniversary
13.04.15 New security flaw detected in Microsoft Windows
13.04.15 SpaceX launch delayed: ISS crew on hold for coffeemaker delivery
14.04.15 Normandy Four backs withdrawal of tanks, small artillery from Ukraine ceasefire line
13.04.15 Cash-strapped Greece remains top defence spender
13.04.15 Reserve deputy sheriff charged with second-degree manslaughter in Oklahoma shooting
13.04.15 ​23 dead, more than 900 injured in Siberian grassland fire
13.04.15 Iran & Israel cooperate over nuclear testing
13.04.15 Britain crippled by £222bn debt from backroom PFI deals – report
13.04.15 Why cap-and-trade schemes are little more than a cash grab
13.04.15 Saudi Arabia’s Plan to Extend the Age of Oil
13.04.15 Russia 'busts satellite spy ring': space commander
13.04.15 Sprint to pay $15mn for overcharging feds as it wiretapped its customers
13.04.15 NSA declares war on general purpose computers
13.04.15 Saudi military almost entirely staffed by mercenaries
13.04.15 Video of the Day – New Jersey Man Dies After Police Dog Violently Attacks Him While He’s Pinned Down on the Ground
13.04.15 Boko Haram insurgency displaces 800,000 children in N. Nigeria – UNICEF
13.04.15 New ISIS video threatens 9/11-style attacks in US
13.04.15 ​US, UK thank Russia for evacuation of their citizens from Yemen
13.04.15 Cablegate revenge? Wikileaks slams Clinton for swiping its Twitter logo design
13.04.15 Sprint to pay $15mn for overcharging feds as it wiretapped its customers
13.04.15 Russia to stop gas delivery via Ukraine by 2019, push ahead with Turkish Stream - Miller
13.04.15 Islamic extremists setting up unregulated schools in UK - report
13.04.15 Flaming Thunder: NATO Begins Multinational Artillery Exercise In Lithuania
13.04.15 Estonia’s (American) President Wants Permanent NATO Combat Forces