20.11.14 Economists and Military Strategists: This Crisis Was Foreseeable … Thousands of Years Ago
20.11.14 NATO’s Fake “Non-Combat Mission” in Afghanistan
20.11.14 America Never Intended to Defeat The Islamic State (ISIS)
20.11.14 ​Eurozone manufacturing outlook weakest for 16 months, as France, Germany lose steam
20.11.14 MPs slam £720mn UK pledge to tackle climate change in poor countries
20.11.14 ​NSA officials ignored own expert advice to end total eavesdropping on Americans
20.11.14 ​Dump ‘n’ ride: Poo-powered, eco-friendly bus hits UK streets
20.11.14 ​Russia to crack down on over-the-counter ‘Forex clubs’ at banks
20.11.14 ​Treat extremist preachers like pedophiles - British MP
20.11.14 Victory sign: Deaf baby is first to register sign-language name on birth certificate
20.11.14 Anti-snooping app: Amnesty & partners unveil tool that detects surveillance
20.11.14 5-foot-tall ‘Robocops’ start patrolling Silicon Valley
20.11.14 CIA prepares for dramatic changes
20.11.14 Obesity costs UK ‘more than violence and terrorism’ – study
20.11.14 ​Iran refuses to address Arak reactor claims, nuclear energy needs cited
20.11.14 ‘Outstanding’ London school accused of promoting extremists, enforcing segregation
20.11.14 World pharma spending to exceed $1trn in 2014 - study
20.11.14 ​‘West not interested in investigating in eastern Ukraine’
20.11.14 Putin urges tougher measures to counter extremism, color revolutions
20.11.14 Russian and Venezuelan State Companies Close Oil Deal
20.11.14 11 No-Fly Zones in the United States
20.11.14 Goldman accused of exploiting aluminum storage rules
20.11.14 How Police Use Military Tactics to Quash Dissent
20.11.14 Amazon Robots Prepare for Christmas
20.11.14 American Ranking Plummets in Global Index of 'Personal Freedoms'