16.08.18 Feds shutter & fine ‘pirate’ Texas radio that broadcast Alex Jones
16.08.18 Turkey follows Russia in dumping US Treasury securities
16.08.18 Cosmonauts accidentally break RT 360 GoPro camera during eight-hour spacewalk
16.08.18 Russia opposes blanket ban on AI weapons, supports international political declaration
16.08.18 US driving Turkey to quit NATO, boost business with Russia & China – investment guru Marc Faber
16.08.18 Malaysia MPs throw out law against ‘fake news’ introduced by former PM
16.08.18 Former Yazidi slave girl flees Germany after being confronted by her ISIS captor-turned refugee
16.08.18 Nigerians shocked by Victor Moses' premature retirement
16.08.18 For ‘times of crisis and war’? Norway confirms US to double troops on its soil
16.08.18 Insufficient proof that killing of Kim Jong-un’s half-brother was political, judge says
16.08.18 Apple says buildings at its new billion-dollar headquarters worth just $200
16.08.18 ‘America was never that great’: NY governor bashes his own country to get at Trump
16.08.18 Cereal killers: Monsanto weedkiller that can ‘probably’ cause cancer found in children’s breakfasts
16.08.18 Punctured batteries, massive waste: Whistleblower accuses Tesla of sloppy production (PHOTOS)
16.08.18 Power outage holds flights at Reagan National Airport, Washington DC (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
16.08.18 New German movement aims to stem migration & offer direction to ‘weak and split’ EU left
16.08.18 After clearance pull, Democrats rush to back Brennan – who spied on them
15.08.18 Twitter shouldn’t silence Proud Boys – right & left agree during heated debate on RT
15.08.18 Fake intercept? Russian MoD dismisses UK claims of chasing off six Su-24 bombers over Black Sea
15.08.18 From ‘menace’ to assets: Soros now buying social media shares
15.08.18 White House apologizes over wrong African-American jobs claim
15.08.18 Charity ship carrying 141 migrants finally docks in Malta
15.08.18 Another Big Tech Attack on Free Speech, Stefan Molyneux Handed Two “Strikes” on YouTube
15.08.18 After Suspending Personal Account Of Alex Jones, Twitter Restricts Infowars As Well
15.08.18 US Officials Warn Of "Disturbing" Russian Space Weapons At UN Conference