05.05.15 Chuck Norris karate-kicks trust in govt ahead of US military drills
05.05.15 Volcanoes may cause drastic temperature changes on distant super-Earth
05.05.15 Émile Zola: Vulcan in service to Mars
05.05.15 Black Sea: NATO Boosts Presence, War Games In Romania
05.05.15 NATO Launches Largest Anti-Submarine Exercises Ever Off Norway Coast
05.05.15 Norway, Poland: NATO’s Warfare Centers On Russia’s Borders
05.05.15 Washington: EU-NATO Merger Proceeds Apace
05.05.15 US 'worst place to be a mother' among developed nations - report
05.05.15 ‘Drunker than 10,000 Indians’: US Air Force general resigns over comment in court
05.05.15 Discount drugs: Record 400 kg of cocaine delivered to German stores… in bananas
05.05.15 Labour ‘meddling in markets’ would ruin UK economic recovery – Osborne
05.05.15 Putin blasts ‘cynical attempts to rewrite history’ at Russia-China WWII conference
05.05.15 $360bn foreign investment flees UK over election fears, Russian sanctions
05.05.15 'No insult whatsoever justifies violence'
05.05.15 Labour minority government? Miliband appeals for trade union backing
05.05.15 Google's military robot army soon ready for Terminator assault on humanity
05.05.15 High-dive hams: ‘Flying pigs show’ prompts mixed reaction for Chinese tourism official
05.05.15 Unique historic color video shows Berlin in July 1945
05.05.15 ISIS claims responsibility for cartoon exhibition attack in Texas
05.05.15 UN urges Saudi-led coalition to stop bombing Yemen’s intl airport
05.05.15 Qatar cover-up? Doha detains German reporters investigating FIFA World Cup
05.05.15 US internet censorship mirrors China's
05.05.15 Award-winning author reveals the government's war on the American people in new eye-opening book
05.05.15 Drug-resistant intestinal superbug imported to America from other countries
05.05.15 Mainstream media blacks out arrest of activists protesting government-endorsed abortion at John Boehner's office