03.11.14 Face of ‘death with dignity’ movement takes her own life
03.11.14 Ron Paul: Gun control and interventionism leads to less safety
03.11.14 Compound in this Herb Beats Cancer, FDA Fast Tracks its Use for Big Pharma Meds
03.11.14 Was Ebola Weaponized? Outbreak Caused by New, Potentially Much More Lethal Strain
03.11.14 Unfree in Palestine: The Psychological and Cultural Anatomy of the Awe-Inspiring Palestinian Resistance
03.11.14 ‘Kiev will have to talk to Donbass whether they want to or not’
03.11.14 Bank of Japan’s Shock Stimulus Further Destabilizes Global Economy
03.11.14 Censorship? Spain Imposes ‘Google Tax’ on Internet Content Aggregators to Protect its Print Media Industry
03.11.14 Military Launches Coup Amid Mass Protests in Burkina Faso
03.11.14 China unveils laser drone defence system
03.11.14 UK police accused of 'snooping' on mobile phone users with secret surveillance technology
03.11.14 Plastics Chemical Linked to Changes in Baby Boys' Genitals
03.11.14 White House is Planning to Conquer Cyberspace with its “Plan X”
03.11.14 UK ready to help returning jihadists who have ‘good intentions’
03.11.14 BBC browbeaten over £500k tax-saving scheme
03.11.14 Human Trafficking adviser warns Modern Slavery Bill leaves victims helpless
03.11.14 George Gissing: Letter to a son killed in war: War is a horrible thing that ought to be left to savages
03.11.14 Combat Interoperability: NATO Launches War Games In Lithuania
03.11.14 Polish President: NATO Troops In States Bordering NATO Zone
03.11.14 Empire or Republic: Imperial Wars, Scaremongering and the Ebola Epidemic
03.11.14 Ukraine: Kiev Needs to Recognize the Local Elections in Donetsk, Lugansk
03.11.14 US Struggles to Keep Asia in Dark Age. US-Funded “Newspapers” and “Activists”
03.11.14 Justice for the MH17 Victims is What we all Need
03.11.14 Amendment to Israel’s Penal Code: “Up to 20 Years Prison Sentence” for Stone-Throwing at Cars
03.11.14 World’s first counterterrorism “bank” to finance anti-extremism projects