29.04.15 National Guard in Baltimore: Armored vehicles, military gear (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
29.04.15 NSA Whistleblower: “We Are No Longer Afraid Of The Police State Happening. It's Here”
29.04.15 Fight Over Domestic Spying Heats Up in Congress with ‘USA Freedom Act’
29.04.15 Saudi royal reshuffle likely to ensure kingdom’s US loyalty for decades
29.04.15 The War on Cash Escalates: Chase Cracks Down on Cash... Is Your Bank Next?
29.04.15 Space duo: Russia invites China to create joint lunar station
29.04.15 ​Charlie Hebdo cartoonist: ‘I will no longer draw Mohammed’
29.04.15 Man tasered for flying drone in Hawaii national park
29.04.15 Where is #JosephKent? Prominent Ferguson activist snatched by police live on TV in Baltimore
29.04.15 Supreme Court to rule on lethal injection drugs after Oklahoma botched executions
29.04.15 Iron Man mass-production? Russian army may get combat exoskeletons by 2020
29.04.15 German govt accused of lying to parliament about NSA spying
29.04.15 Why the attack on Doctor Oz was such a farce: 600 million prescriptions a year are backed by no scientific evidence at all
29.04.15 Jimmy Savile abused 23 youngsters at school for emotionally disturbed teenage girls after being granted 'unrestricted and largely unsupervised' access
29.04.15 This Hacker has Implanted a Chip in his Body to Exploit your Android Phone
29.04.15 Missile Defense Agency Spent $10 Billion on 4 Projects that were Cancelled
29.04.15 Saudi Arabia bombs Yemen runway ‘to stop Iranian flight landing’ (VIDEO)
29.04.15 Anti-gay Republican outed after sending explicit photos to a man on Grindr
29.04.15 Supreme Court orders UK to take ‘immediate action’ over illegal air pollution
29.04.15 CNN broadcasting in Russia again following 4-month break
29.04.15 ​Media coalition to challenge UK terror trial secrecy
29.04.15 ​GCHQ broke the law, ordered to destroy stolen documents by UK tribunal
29.04.15 Fire near Chernobyl site alarming, ‘radiation respects no boundaries’
29.04.15 Gazprom confirms $40mn gas prepayment from Ukraine
29.04.15 ​iPad glitch affects dozens of American Airlines flights