02.12.14 Benefits of male circumcision outweigh risks, CDC says
02.12.14 Gravy train: Retired EU president Van Rompuy gets a whopping $600k+ payoff
02.12.14 Hillary Clinton pokes fracking monster in conservation speech
02.12.14 'Iron Sky' sci-fi comedy: First Hitler on dinosaur and now... brutal dancing Putin
02.12.14 ‘Europe needs diversified gas supply, Russia diversified consumers’
03.12.14 Cheap oil, falling ruble, but ‘things not as bleak as they might seem’
03.12.14 American, Georgian & Lithuanian get key jobs in Ukraine’s new govt
03.12.14 Bibi bets big: Netanyahu fires key centrist ministers ‘plotting coup,’ seeks snap elections
03.12.14 Egyptian court sentences 188 to death for attack on police
03.12.14 Greek protesters smash cars, clash with police in Athens (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
03.12.14 Role reversal: US weed now being smuggled into Mexico
03.12.14 No more cracked iPhones? Apple patents mid-air rotating ‘cat phone’ to soften falls
03.12.14 EU Justice Court bans tests for LGBT asylum seekers
03.12.14 Obama says Ebola fight not over, requests $6bn to combat virus
03.12.14 ​New reality: Invisible 3D holograms that can be touched and felt
03.12.14 FBI continues to investigate former CIA director General Petraeus
03.12.14 ​Anonymous take down Ft. Lauderdale’s site for anti-homeless laws
03.12.14 Thinking Mars: NASA's Orion set for first test launch
03.12.14 Overhaul: NYC to spend $130mn reducing mentally-ill prison population
03.12.14 Japanese ‘Rosetta’ blasts off on asteroid quest
03.12.14 Ron Paul weighs in on Obama's new Pentagon chief (VIDEO)
03.12.14 Losing their minds: 100 brains go ‘missing’ from University of Texas
03.12.14 UN urges Israel to renounce nuclear arms, join non-proliferation treaty
03.12.14 Life on Mars? Carbon-containing meteorite from Red Planet restarts debate
03.12.14 Pentagon says Iran bombs ISIS in Iraq, Tehran 'cannot confirm'