09.05.15 San Diego fills fishing lake with drinking water, despite drought
09.05.15 Reforming NSA's phone data collection program will cost $15 million - CBO
09.05.15 Ex-US govt. employee accused of trying to steal nuke secrets
09.05.15 Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv: ‘A Russian boy saved my life at Buchenwald’
09.05.15 What can UK voters expect from Tory majority govt?
09.05.15 Baltimore ‘broken windows’ teen freed on $500k bail
09.05.15 From Gdansk to Dachau: Europe marks 70 yrs since WW2 victory
08.05.15 Historic planes on parade over National Mall in WWII commemoration
08.05.15 Obama touts TPP trade deal amid Nike support
08.05.15 Cradle of alien life? Ocean on Saturn moon resembles habitable lakes on Earth
08.05.15 Appeals court tells FCC to let merger docs stay secret
08.05.15 The CIA’s TV Network
08.05.15 ​US urges Greece to reject Turkish Stream, focus on Western-backed project
08.05.15 European Council urges Cameron to keep Britain in EU
08.05.15 May 7th, 2015 - the day the United Kingdom died?
08.05.15 ​ISIS supporters claim attack on Hamas base in Gaza Strip
08.05.15 ​‘Bank of terror’: 5 accused of conning pensioners to fund ISIS
08.05.15 Al Jazeera Islamabad bureau chief put on terror list by US
08.05.15 SNP Scottish victory ‘a vote against austerity’ - Sturgeon
08.05.15 SNP landslide in Scotland: ‘Scots rejected British colonial nationalism’
08.05.15 Justice Dept opens probe into Baltimore police
08.05.15 4 dead after plane crashes on Atlanta highway
08.05.15 ​Gigantic invisible ‘halo’ stretches 1mn light years toward Milky Way from Andromeda
08.05.15 If conflict breaks out in Lebanon, IDF will cross border – army source
08.05.15 The German question