27.12.14 Elon Musk to Chinese auto buyers: Trade in old car for discount on $100k Tesla
27.12.14 6 months of Earth in 6 mins: Astronaut shares ISS voyage in stunning time-lapse video
27.12.14 Yes to bitcoin! Russian ministry says quasi-money ban may endanger banks, retailers
27.12.14 N. Korea accuses US of shutting down its internet, blasts Obama
27.12.14 2 reactors closed after deadly gas leak at hacked S. Korean nuclear plant
27.12.14 Southern Ukraine: Blasts in Kherson, Odessa
27.12.14 ​'10.0 quake-resistant!': Demolishers desperate, high-riser intact after 2 blasts (VIDEO)
27.12.14 Crude price drop triggers major layoffs in US oil industry
27.12.14 Scent of death: Scientists recreate JFK and Princess Diana’s deaths via smell
27.12.14 Afghanistan against US plans to transfer military equipment to Ukraine - Kabul official
27.12.14 Facebook apologizes for 'algorithmic cruelty' in its Year In Review
27.12.14 Pakistan angered at 'hellhole' depiction in 'Homeland' – report
27.12.14 'Just for lulz': Hackers leak 13,000 passwords from sites incl Amazon, PlayStation & Xbox
27.12.14 Chupakabra or drunk aliens? Mexico barley field boasts new mysterious crop patterns (VIDEO)
27.12.14 Need an armored military-grade taxi? Flag one down in St. Petersburg (VIDEO)
27.12.14 ‘Here are the murderers’: Mexico protesters storm & graffiti military base
27.12.14 'Mobile bomb': Iranian army tests suicide drone in massive drills
27.12.14 Moscow to supply coal, electricity to Ukraine without prepayment
27.12.14 Relations with EU to stay Russia's priority 'for years to come' – Moscow
27.12.14 Airstrikes against Islamic State top $1bn, kill over 1,100 people
27.12.14 Hundreds Of NYPD Officers Turn Their Back On de Blasio Again
27.12.14 The Cradle of Democracy Rocks the Autocrats
27.12.14 Woman Launches Raw Meat Assault on Police Station, Claims God told her to “Feed the Pigs”
27.12.14 Soothing the Beast: Saturday Night BFP-Jamiol Music, Episode 152
27.12.14 'Mobile bomb': Iranian army tests suicide drone in massive drills