26.12.14 ​Creeping construction: Israel to build 600 new settlements in the West bank
26.12.14 State Duma chief suggests trying US for WWII nuke attacks
26.12.14 ​Fat checking: UK doctors to report overweight patients, 1 in 4 Brits obese
26.12.14 ‘Nicaragua Canal - potential threat to the US and Western powers’
26.12.14 Russia’s new military doctrine lists NATO, US as major foreign threats
26.12.14 Cancer cases in UK 40% lifestyle-related - study
26.12.14 ​CBR launches SWIFT alternative for domestic payments
26.12.14 ‘IMF policies contributed to the Ebola outbreak, weak response to it’
26.12.14 Kim Dotcom manages to ‘save Christmas for gamers’ by bribing hackers
26.12.14 Drugs, prostitutes see UK pip France in world economy stats
26.12.14 Free Xmas cash nightmare: Hong Kong couple arrested for scavenging $1.9mn
26.12.14 ​Spain to ‘takeoff’ in 2015 after years of financial pain – Prime Minister
26.12.14 Sanctioned: Visa, MasterCard suspend servicing Russian banks in Crimea
26.12.14 Cold comfort for 3m low-earners: Tory tax cuts won’t help them, study says
26.12.14 Judge says Facebook must face class action lawsuit over message scanning
26.12.14 ​Ruble recovers, as big exporters ordered to behave
26.12.14 ‘Black Lives Matter’ Xmas protest turns violent in Oakland
26.12.14 Russia to counteract NATO's boosted presence in Black Sea – envoy
26.12.14 Family of man killed by California cops claim racial profiling in shootings of 4 Latino men
26.12.14 Kiev & eastern Ukrainian militias carry out ‘all for all’ POW exchange
26.12.14 New NSA reports show spy agency routinely collected intel on Americans
26.12.14 Hate crimes against transgenders on the rise in UK, police say
26.12.14 7 arrested for threatening to kill police – NYPD
26.12.14 Volunteers without full background checks drive in Obama’s motorcade
26.12.14 Airstrikes against Islamic State top $1bn, kill over 1,100 people