19.02.18 Children’s crusade: Teen survivors of Florida shooting plan anti-gun march on DC
19.02.18 Russian opposition underrepresented & fractured – former MP & opposition leader
19.02.18 CCTV captures the moment shooter opens fire on Russian churchgoers (DISTURBING VIDEO)
18.02.18 German teen ‘ISIS bride’ sentenced to 6 years in jail - reports
18.02.18 ‘Hero’ helps capture escaped killer & rapist who battered woman in graveyard
18.02.18 Traditional tweetstorm after Trump says 'Moscow is laughing' at squabbling Americans
18.02.18 Israeli scientists finish Mars sim experiment
18.02.18 5 dead, 7 injured in car bomb attack in northeastern Syria – local media
18.02.18 ‘Absurd’: GOP governor slams Trump over linking FBI ‘inaction’ in Florida massacre to Russia probe
18.02.18 Swastikas painted on Polish embassy in Israel after PM’s ‘Jewish Holocaust perpetrators’ remarks
18.02.18 Polish central bank secretly funds Youtube videos attacking bitcoin - report
18.02.18 US destroyer in the Black Sea is a ‘provocation’ – Russian official
18.02.18 Turkey denies ‘groundless’ reports of toxic gas used by its troops in Afrin op
18.02.18 Switzerland embraces bitcoin & cryptocurrencies amid global crackdown
18.02.18 Scientists create human-sheep chimera with hopes of affordable organ transplants
18.02.18 Interested In Muscle? Eat Whole Eggs Rather Than Egg Whites
18.02.18 Sanctions & NATO pressure will make Russians look out of ‘deep black hole,’ Biden thinks
18.02.18 Lower Risk of Chronic Illness and Cognitive Decline by Going Keto
18.02.18 Turkish soldiers missing as flooding hits south-east
18.02.18 Trudeau apparently snubbed by Indian PM Modi on 1st state visit
18.02.18 Tillerson ‘listening’ but won’t deviate from ‘big stick’ strategy with N. Korea
18.02.18 The Mysterious Crash of A Russian Airliner: Bad Weather, Technical Malfunction, or Terrorism?
18.02.18 Five dead after church shooting in southern Russia, attacker killed (PHOTO, VIDEO)
18.02.18 Germans slowly getting over their cash addiction – Bundesbank
18.02.18 Trader stole $2mn in cryptocurrency from his firm to cover gambling debts