10.11.14 Cameron defies critics, says EU referendum won’t harm UK economy
10.11.14 UK Reaper drone conducts first strike in Iraq
10.11.14 Go-Pro tank air-drop: Russia parachutes BMD-2 infantry fighting vehicles into Serbia (VIDEO)
10.11.14 Putin, Obama in ‘brief meetings’ at APEC summit
10.11.14 CIA-sanctioned Osama Bin Laden doll on sale for $2,500
10.11.14 online banking under extreme cyber attack for over 72 hours; website still down for most customers
10.11.14 US Military to Train Ukrainian Soldiers and National Guard to Fight People in Donbass in Cold Weather
10.11.14 Egyptian Student arrested for carrying George Orwell's novel 1984
10.11.14 Russia Today threatened with Ofcom sanctions due to bias
10.11.14 China Set to Pump Billions Into Russian Real Estate Construction
10.11.14 Nobody counts police killings in the U.S.
10.11.14 ISIS Fires American-Made Missiles At Syrian Army
10.11.14 13 states refuse to disclose how many tanks, assualt weapons etc., they've gotten from the 1033 program
10.11.14 National Bank of Ukraine declares Bitcoin not usable by individuals
10.11.14 Stealing Palestine: Who dragged Palestinians into Syria’s conflict?
10.11.14 'US missile defense aim – possibility of first nuke strike against Russia’
10.11.14 Mystery fog, 'toxic' sulfur odor covers Moscow (VIDEO)
10.11.14 Greens, SNP & Welsh nationalists slam BBC over exclusion from TV election debates
10.11.14 ​‘Idea of the ICC hearing Gaddafi’s son case is a farce’
10.11.14 ​Iran test-flies 1st US drone replica
10.11.14 ​Cops use ‘wish list’ when seizing ‘little goodies’…such as cars or homes
10.11.14 Meet Edward Snowden’s new friend: Rick the dog
10.11.14 ​US foreign policy: The clash of righteous purpose
10.11.14 Gangsta paradise? London-wide gun amnesty launched
10.11.14 Wealth inequality in US not seen since Great Depression - study