09.11.14 Clashes erupt in Berlin amid fall of the Wall, Kristallnacht events (VIDEO)
10.11.14 Amazing time-lapse of Earth rotation & more stunning space videos
10.11.14 ‘Occupation masquerading as civil rights’: Israel to extend its laws into West Bank
10.11.14 ‘Rocket man’ hits 333 km/h on bicycle, breaks world record but no bones (VIDEO)
10.11.14 Berlin Wall fall display: 8,000 balloons released over Germany (VIDEO)
10.11.14 ​Bush has no regrets about Iraq invasion, except rise of ISIS
10.11.14 80% of Catalans say 'Yes' to independence in symbolic ‘referendum’
10.11.14 ISS crew lands, brings space-born flies to Earth
10.11.14 Macaulay Culkin death hoax: I’m alive, spending Weekend at Bernie’s
10.11.14 Daredevil wire-walkers cross Victoria Falls (VIDEO)
10.11.14 ​5 nuclear scientists assassinated near Damascus – report
10.11.14 Putin: Ruble’s ‘speculative jumps’ to stop in near future
10.11.14 Sky eyes: Spy balloons give Israel intelligence edge in West Bank
10.11.14 Putin disapproves commercial exploitation of his image – press secretary
10.11.14 21yo veteran shot dead on LA street just after returning from Afghanistan
10.11.14 ​Ruble-yuan settlements will cut US dollar domination in energy sales – Putin
10.11.14 ​Total tobacco ban: MA town’s health board drives to put smokers outta luck
10.11.14 Girl killed, IDF soldier wounded in separate Israel stabbing incidents
10.11.14 ​Propeller smashes through plane window in Air Canada emergency landing (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
10.11.14 Jesus & Mary Magdalene were 'married with children,' ancient manuscript claims
10.11.14 Egyptian jihadist group pledges allegiance to ISIS
10.11.14 ‘China to avoid dangerous maritime route thanks to gas deal with Russia’
10.11.14 Scientists use web-powered telepathy to link human thoughts (VIDEO)
10.11.14 Russia ends dollar/euro currency peg, moves to free float
10.11.14 German Foreign Ministry plays down intel report claiming Ukraine militia downed MH17