Flat-Earther’s homemade rocket is set to launch him from California desert

Flat-Earther ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes plans to strap himself to a homemade rocket and launch himself towards space on Saturday, in a bid to prove that our planet isn’t a globe. Here’s what to expect from the mad-cap experiment.

05.12.14 CDC prepares for imminent Ebola wave with designation of 35 US hospitals as Ebola treatment centers
05.12.14 500 more dead sea lions; Fukushima radiation continues to spread across ocean
05.12.14 CDC issues flu vaccine apology: this year's vaccine doesn't work!
05.12.14 White Americans join Twitter campaign to expose police racial prejudice
05.12.14 Jesse Jackson on NYPD: Didn’t protect & didn’t serve
05.12.14 NSA spies on every cell phone company in the world, new data shows
05.12.14 Republicans plan tough border security bill in 2015
05.12.14 NYC chokehold: Crowds swarm streets, Brooklyn Br in 2nd day of Garner protests
05.12.14 Interview 973 - Lionel on Media Fakery and Historical Distortion
05.12.14 Almost 6,000 military employees reported sexual assault last year - Pentagon
05.12.14 ​West behind falling ruble, oil prices - Russian spy chief
05.12.14 NYC mayor announces police retraining amid nationwide protests
05.12.14 C’est fini: France plans to limit salaries to biggest film stars
05.12.14 Attempts to prove Western monopoly on truth ‘disastrous’ - Lavrov
04.12.14 Utah man sentenced to year in federal prison for writing ‘hateful’ letter
04.12.14 Utah to seize own land from government, challenge federal dominance of Western states
04.12.14 CIA torture report to be published on Monday without the word 'torture'
05.12.14 ‘Terrorism exported to Middle East from Europe’ – Assad
04.12.14 Glenn Beck can be sued in Boston Bombing libel lawsuit - federal judge
05.12.14 ​The US govt bent on world hegemony, Russia stands in its way – Reagan economic ex-advisor
04.12.14 DOJ Finds Cleveland Police Use Excessive Force, As NY Judge Orders Release Of Grand Jury Material In Garner Case
04.12.14 VIDEO: Fight Breaks Out In Parliament When Ukraine Learns It Has Quietly Become The Newest US State
04.12.14 Angry Depositors Finally Get Access To Their Money Five Months After Corruption Lead To Bank Run
04.12.14 DOJ: Cleveland police have exhibited pattern of excessive force
04.12.14 Putin doesn't need any publicity, good or bad – presidential spokesman