15.08.18 Pro Basketball League Allows Players to Use CBD Despite Federal Prohibition
15.08.18 Russia expects full-fledged cooperation with Greece to be restored – ministry
15.08.18 Number of forcibly displaced in Syria reaches 11mn – UN
15.08.18 Khamenei says he made ‘mistake’ by allowing FM to speak with US over nuclear talks in 2015
15.08.18 US targets Russia and Chinese firms over North Korea sanctions breaches
15.08.18 Loud bang & fire in Moscow metro brings train to standstill (VIDEO)
15.08.18 BBC to lobby govt for ‘law review’ after declining to appeal against Cliff Richard damages
15.08.18 ‘Baby driver’: Stunned passenger confronts teen-looking busman behind the wheel (VIDEO)
15.08.18 Rapping, racing & shooting: Turkmenistan’s multi-talented leader strikes again
15.08.18 Judge who bailed New Mexico desert camp suspects receives threats to have ‘throat slit’
15.08.18 ‘Elegant crap’: Paris urinal project turns into social media pissing contest
15.08.18 The ill-fated journey of Air CEMAC
15.08.18 Amnesty reminds Senegal, Mauritania over detention of dissidents ahead of Sept. polls
15.08.18 Lira Surges After Qatar Pledges To Invest $15 Billion In Turkey
15.08.18 SmartDrive claims in-cab truck surveillance cameras are "saving the planet"
15.08.18 Gowdy vs FBI Peter Strzok in EXPLOSIVE Exchange at Congress Hearing on anti-Trump
15.08.18 The FCC Says Net Neutrality Lawsuits Are Moot Because It Already Repealed Net Neutrality
15.08.18 Report Shows FDA Manipulating and Ignoring Science on Kratom
15.08.18 Cannabis Breathalyzer Tests are Coming: Welcome to “Legalization”
15.08.18 We are guinea pigs in a worldwide experiment on microplastics
15.08.18 Tech conference rescinds Marine Le Pen invitation after caving in to online pressure
15.08.18 Qatar’s emir Al Thani heads to Turkey for talks with Erdogan
15.08.18 Tropical ticks threaten to bring Crimean-Congo fever to Germany
15.08.18 Police bodycams can be hacked and footage altered, tech expert reveals
15.08.18 Qatar pledges $15bn of direct investments in Turkey – Ankara