12.08.18 Perseid meteor shower (VIDEOS)
12.08.18 The Grand Irony of RussiaGate: The U.S. Becomes More Like the U.S.S.R. Every Day
12.08.18 Russian military repels two drone attacks on Khmeimim base in Syria
12.08.18 Yemeni children protest Saudi-led aggression after school bus airstrike tragedy (VIDEO)
12.08.18 Ex-CIA officer faces arrest over alleged Montenegro coup plot
12.08.18 Guided Bomb Fragments At Site Of Yemen Bus Airstrike Trace Back To Lockheed Martin
12.08.18 Government's Own Report Shows Tax Dollars Spent in Afghanistan Have Boosted Opium Production
12.08.18 White supremacists and their opponents stage protests in Washington (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
12.08.18 Omarosa’s tape from inside the Situation Room fuels massive freakout over security
12.08.18 6.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Kaktovik, Alaska
12.08.18 Russia’s chemical disarmament confirmed by OPCW, while US has ‘problems’ in the area – Lavrov
12.08.18 Back US on Iran sanctions or face 'serious consequences' for business – ambassador to UK
12.08.18 Cristiano Ronaldo scores in Juventus debut friendly match
12.08.18 Sales of Monsanto’s RoundUp weedkiller reviewed in UK after US ruling on cancer link
12.08.18 Egyptian forces kill 12 suspected militants in Sinai
12.08.18 Malians vote amid heavy security, Cisse confident of change
12.08.18 Vaccine Corruption Exposed To Washington State Board of Health
12.08.18 Toxic cloud over Antwerp port prompts evacuation as firefighters tackle chemicals on fire
12.08.18 UPS Workers Inadvertently Make Instructions on How Police Should Deal With Dogs WITHOUT Killing Them
12.08.18 New Chelsea boss Sarri gets around smoking ban on Premiership debut... by chewing cigarettes!
12.08.18 Israeli armed drone killed four Palestinian boys playing on beach in 2014 – report
12.08.18 Brazilian legend Ronaldo in intensive care after contracting pneumonia – report
12.08.18 Unsinkable commitment: Filipino couple marries in church flooded after heavy rains (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
12.08.18 Burkina Faso: suspected Jihadist Kill 6 in the East
12.08.18 An Airline Scans Your Face. You Take Off. But Few Rules Govern Where Your Data Goes.